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The origin of the word Quiz is itself questionable. The myth goes that in 1791, Richard Daly, a Dublin theatre owner made a bet that he could introduce a word of no meaning into the English language in 48 hours. He had the word Quiz pasted all over the city. This became the talk of the town and he won the wager. Originally the word was used to describe an “eccentric person or thing”. The modern usage of Quiz appears to have developed from words like “question” and “inquisitive”. The idea of making a quiz into a form of entertainment that tests a person’s general knowledge by asking questions was realized in the early 20th century. At QUIZOMETRY, we carry this legacy forward. We are cognizant of the many benefits of quizzing, especially for young minds. Quizzes are popular across the world with participants and audiences.  At these quizzes, questions are asked and answered except for the question “What is the origin of the word Quiz?”