Sumithra Ganesan Raju and Aruna Rajagopal shared an enthusiasm for quizzing. The friends from Muscat had participated in many quizzes. As had their school going children. They noticed how regular quizzing helped their children grow. It rekindled their spirit of curiosity, encouraged teamwork and built their self- confidence. These are qualities critical for facing life’s challenges. The benefits of quizzing, especially for young students, led to the idea of QUIZOMETRY. It’s the place where curiosity is fun.

Sumithra Ganesan Raju is an Economics (Hons) graduate from Lady Shri Ram College. She was president of the LSR quiz club. She holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from Delhi University. She began her career in India in advertising, for the brands Horlicks and Nescafé. She then moved to Muscat where she was department head for luxury perfumes and cosmetics in a leading company managing 20 brands. Major brands handled were  Givenchy, Lancôme, Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder,  Elizabeth Arden, Gucci and Calvin Klein to name a few. She has worked for the media wing of the Ministry of Information. She is a founding member of the Oman chapter of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. On her return to India, she was on the executive committee of OWC Bangalore working with 20 charities. She has also worked with start-ups in the garment and hospitality industries.

Aruna Rajagopal is a Telecom engineer from Calcutta University. In Muscat, she has worked in various roles in marketing and sales of Samsung and Philips products. In her last assignment, she was product head of Samsung mobiles. She is a full time faculty member of Art of Living. She is also a yoga and meditation trainer as well as a wellness advisor for individuals and corporates.

Join us at QUIZOMETRY, where you’ll discover amazing things….that Oman’s Musandam coast is known as the ‘Norway of the Middle East’ because of its magnificent fjords……..or that the word ‘shampoo’ entered the English language via the Indian subcontinent around 1762. Indians were known to use the pulp of soapberries with herbs. ‘Shampoo’ was derived from the Hindi word ‘Champo’ in turn derived from the Sanskrit root ‘chapati’ which means ‘to press or knead’.